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Gelato is a hybrid strain combining the genetics of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). It’s usually a strain with equal parts Indica and Sativa, or slightly Indica-dominant. The Gelato marijuana strain was made by Cookie Fam Genetics in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s the 33rd of Gelato phenotypes, earning it the nickname Larry Bird since that was also the number of your (probably second) favorite NBA player of all time. The strain was not made for novices. Buy Weed In Texas

The Gelato marijuana strain is made for the sophisticated smoker and provides a potent high. Most smokers agree the effects are immediate, with an intense cerebral high, followed by relaxing effects. Deep relaxation Cerebral high Euphoric Creative IS GELATO STRONG? Yes, the Gelato strain is strong, making it the ideal strain if you’re looking for powerful marijuana seeds for sale. Most people say the Gelato strain produces fast-acting and powerful effects, oftentimes putting novices in a “couch-locked” state of mind. That basically means tripping out from too much excitement and sort of freezing, locked into a moment of pure bliss. You may even feel the high before you fully exhale. Experienced smokers know how to ride the waves though, and they like the strong physical effects as well as the full-body euphoria.

The Gelato strain is the veteran smoker’s plant because it’s not easy to grow and does require fairly consistent temperatures of about 75 degrees with humid conditions. While the cannabis strain can be grown outdoors, we recommend it’s grown indoors to allow for a controlled environment — like exposing the plants to colder temperatures right before the flowering time, which stimulates anthocyanins. The plant flowers within 9 weeks or sometimes sooner, and makes for a fairly small to medium-sized plant. Yields are about average with 400g per plant or more with better conditions, and you’ll find it’s ready to harvest in mid-October if grown outdoors. You will know the plant is growing well when you see thick and dense buds with fiery orange hairs, or pistils, amid green leaves and dark purple hues. Overall, the Gelato marijuana strain is a good “balanced” plant to grow, in terms of size, Indica and Sativa effects, taste and flavor, and its strong but not overwhelming potency.Buy Weed In Texas



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